With the current situation  caused by COVID-19 epidemic, the mental state of many of us may deteriorate. With the coronavirus, a global crisis has come, which has affected not only the economy or health care, but also the inner space of each of us. The pandemic and the lockdown forced us to isolate and resign from our habits and everyday routine that give us comfort and sense of safety.  This change is accompanied by many difficult emotions: fear, uncertainty, suspicion, frustration or anger. Some people feel down and apathetic that can turn into a depressive episode. In others, especially those who are risking  their health and life to help others in need, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may develop.

The current crisis is an emotionally difficult experience that can often exceed the ability to cope on your own. It is therefore important to try to get professional help when you notice that previous ways of coping with stress and adverisity  have ceased to work. Online psychological support may prove to be a valuable help in maintaining mental stability in this difficult time.

It is hard to tell when the coronavirus epidemic will end. So far we can’t talk about it in the past tense and it is still not sure, if in a few months’ time we won’t have a second wave of infections. That is why online psychological consultations are now available in the INTEGRITE office.