Individual psychotherapy is a special type of conversation aimed at better understanding of one’s own needs and emotions, as well as patterns of thinking and behaviour that can hinder the achievement of life satisfaction and sense of fulfillment. Its long-term goal is personality development.

Individual psychotherapy is also a method of treating psychological difficulties both from the past and those presently experienced in face of emerging challenges in personal and professional life. It can be helpful in a number of problems such as:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • low self-esteem
  • excessive stress
  • eating disorders
  • trauma
  • mood disorders
  • loss and grief
  • difficulties in interpersonal relationships
  • insomia
  • other chronic mental health difficulties

Psychotherapy is most effective when you can be open and honest. All discussions in counselling and psychotherapy are confidential, as well as phone calls and emails. All client records are protected and no client information is shared with any third party.

Duration of one session of individual psychotherapy is 50 minutes. Typically, sessions are held once a week at fixed times. The frequency of meetings may vary depending on client’s individual needs and / or therapist’s assessment.