Every family is a unique collection of mutually interacting individuals that together form a complex structure that is more than just a simple sum of components. Each member of the family contributes to this system. In every family, there are natural resources to cope with the various difficulties that arise from the challenges brought by reality. Sometimes, however, there are situations in a family when existing resources become insufficient. Family therapy may be then helpful.

Family therapy is a type of meeting where family members can improve communication and conflict resolution strategies. It also allows to reveal emotions that in a neutral space of the therapeutic office can be more easily named and expressed. By mutual conversation, families can also discover new resources to help them face the emerging challenges.

Family therapy is often a short-term form of psychological help. It can cover all family members or only those who are willing to participate in it. The treatment plan depends on the family situation. Family therapy sessions can help to deepen relationships and cope with difficult family events.

Family sessions are held once every 2 weeks or less, depending on the needs of the family and the therapist’s assessment. The duration of one session is approximately 90 minutes.