Many people want to have a satisfying relationship with their partner and may be confused and disappointed when something goes wrong in the relationship. Sometimes couples may lose sight of the reason why they are together. Psychotherapy for couples provides an opportunity to explore the issues that partners face in a safe and confidential space. Its purpose is to improve mutual understanding and communication and to help solve problems.

During the session, feelings and thoughts can be expressed to encourage reflection from both individual and common perspective. This can lead to constructive changes in relationships that appear difficult or even impossible to implement.

Couples therapy is directed both to couples experiencing difficulties and considering split-up, as well as to those who would like to improve the quality of their relationship.

This form of psychotherapy is of help to many problems encountered by couples:

  • communication difficulties
  • conflicts
  • betrayal
  • uncertainty about engagement
  • parenthood decision
  • sexual difficulties
  • anxiety and depression
  • work-life balance
  • effect of one partner’s disease on a couple
  • separation and divorce
  • mourning

Although couples therapy is addressed to both partners participating in a session, if one partner is not willing to participate in a joint session, an individual consultation concerning relationship can be a good way to start. It may turn out that the initially reluctant partner will want to join after a few initial sessions. Sometimes it may be advisable and helpful to intersperse couples therapy sessions with individual psychotherapy sessions.

A single session of couples therapy held by one therapist lasts 60 minutes.

In cases where two therapists (woman and man) are present at the session, the session time is extended to 80-90 minutes. Typically, sessions are held once every 2 weeks at the fixed However, frequency of meetings may vary depending on couples need and therapist’s assessment.