Dagmara Mętel

I am a psychologist and a psychotherapist. In 2018 I completed a 4-year course in systemic psychotherapy organized by the Center for System Training in Krakow. Currently, I am continuing my psychotherapy training in integration approach conducted by the Association for the Development of Community Psychiatry and Care.

I have been working as a psychologist since 2013. My professional experience includes individual and group therapy with adults, children and adolescents. I have gained psychotherapeutic qualifications during clinical internships at the Department of Psychiatry of University Hospital in Cracow.

In my practice I aim for integration of systemic and psychodynamic approach, that allows deeper understanding of difficulties my clients experience.

I have respect for every client’s individuality. I value the importance of a therapeutic relationship based on trust and mutual cooperation. I am able to provide a safe and open-minded environment in which you can be heard and understood.

Apart from running the INTEGRITE office, I am employed in a position of  research assistant in the Department of Community Psychiatry of the Jagiellonian University Medical College. In my research I focus on the influence of early childhood experiences and trauma on the formation of attachment style and development of psychotic disorders. The subject of my doctoral thesis is mental resilience in the context of early stages of psychosis development.

I am a member of Polish Psychological Association and Polish Psychiatric Association. I follow the principles of Psychotherapist Code of Ethics. I work under regular supervision.


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